No. 7 Sub Breakfast Sandwiches

No. 7 Sub
MAAANNNYYY MAAANNNYYYY months ago No. 7 Sub started to do breakfast sandwiches from 8 to 10:30am. I was definitely intrigued. Some of their sandwiches don’t quite work as a whole but still tasty. I love the bread that they use soft but still sturdy enough to whole everything together. Yes I like this place, a lot. Now it took me a long time to try all of their sandwiches. It took me so long that in the middle of it they changed the menu.

Pickled banana cucumber peanut butter sandwich
Pickled banana
Yes pickled banana. Thats what the menu said. I love bananas but not very sure about pickled bananas. Thank goodness there weren’t any funky taste well nor did it had any other tastes/flavors besides the banana. The mushy bananas totally over powered the whole sandwich. The cucumbers offered a good contrast but guess what this is no one on the menu. Guess they thought it didn’t work also.

Broccoli, egg, and cheese with smoked gouda and Thai basil pesto
I love egg and cheese sandwiches and broccoli so I had high hopes for this. I think the broccoli was just lightly boiled so I had a nice crunch to it. I couldn’t taste the egg and the Thai basil pesto tasted pretty good but didn’t recognize it as Thai basil. The sauce was a bit overwhelming and the smoked gouda didn’t do much for me.

*Edit. Just got this same sandwich today and have to say it tasted better this time. The sauce wasn’t as overwhelming and I was able to taste all the ingredients.

Roasted pork loin with scrambled eggs, fontina and blueberry sriracha
Roasted pork loin
Blueberry sriracha! Crazy talk I know. The blueberry sriracha, for some reason, tasted like a Chinese vegetable that I eat, gailan? There was a funky smell I think it came from the fontina but it wasn’t too bad. This was a pretty good sandwich, had a nice kick to it from the blueberry sriracha.

Corned beef hash with scallion cream cheese and poppyseeds
Corned hash beef
Not quite sure how this was a breakfast sandwich but it was deeelicious. Though got poppy seeds stuck in my teeth. I googled for images of this sandwich and found couple. There used to be green/yellow cucumbers but I didn’t get any in my sandwich. The cream cheese was good and tangy but didn’t really notice the scaillions. I don’t eat a whole lot of corned beef hash so I wasn’t sure, for $5, if this was a good amount of corned beef hash.

General Tso’s soft boiled fried egg with pickles, mayo, and arugula
General Tso's sandwich
Finally a sandwich where the egg is the star! It was a little salty, a little spicy, and a little bit messy with the yolk dripping down. I never had anything General Tso before so I can’t comment if it tasted like anything General Tso. This was a pretty good sandwich with the egg cooked perfectly. How does one deep fried a soft boiled egg and keep the yolk runny?!

Check out my first review of No. 7 Sub. Sadly they don’t serve the turkey cubano sandwich anymore.

No. 7 Sub 1188 Broadway New York


2 thoughts on “No. 7 Sub Breakfast Sandwiches

  1. That one sandwich is not corned beef hash. It’s corned beef. If it’s not chopped up and cooked with diced potato and onion, it ain’t hash.


  2. I bought blueberries and was just now contemplating cooking some for the first time in a pan with some sugar, a tiny bit of salt, and the idea came in my head throwing a little bit of sriracha too, so I searched for blueberry sriracha and found this article, among other articles suggesting the combination; good to know I’m not crazy to want to do it, lol.


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