Oaxaca Taqueria On 4th Avenue

After getting some pie, Donny and I went to check out the relatively new bar Mission Dolores. We had the same problems with it that many others do: it was way too crowded and WAY too loud. After our friends Matt and Phaedra joined us for a drink, we moved next door to the beautiful and quiet Rock Shop, where we could actually relax. After a while we got hungry, so a couple of us ran across the street to Oaxaca Taqueria to get some takeout.

I got one of the specials, three tacos with rice and beans for $9.95. I chose two of the special veggie tacos, and one of the regular bean & cheese tacos. The special turned out to be potato, which I don’t think I’ve ever had on a taco before. It was fine, the potato itself wasn’t really seasoned at all but it was nicely paired with some cooked onions and peppers, kind of like hash browns (but not crispy). The sauce was surprisingly spicy, which I like. The bean & cheese version was pretty good, also nicely spicy but under-seasoned. It was just the right food in just the right place; I wouldn’t make a trip to go out there again, but if I was relaxing at the Rock Shop it’s exactly what I’d want to eat.

Donny: I got the Korean bbq taco and found it surprisingly good! Just the right amount of heat and can’t beat that it’s right across the Rock Shop and Mission Dolores.

Oaxaca Taqueria — 250 4th Ave


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