Steak Frites At The New Moutarde

My friends and I started a club, a steak frites club! I don’t remember the details of how we started this nor how the conversation started but who cares. I love this kind of club. Seem like my friend had this pretty much planned out in her head. She already had a list of possible places we should hit up. The first place we were going to try was Convivium Osteria in Park Slope. Sadly it was closed on the Sunday we wanted to go and wouldn’t open on Sundays until after Labor Day Weekend. So then we decided to go to the new Moutarde, Le Bistro de la Rue. It’s sort of the old Moutarde except they re-did the whole interior, which everyone complained to be uglier than the old interior.

That night there were 5 of us. Some of us ordered a glass of wine, one of us ordered a coke and I ordered an iced tea. When the waitress came and ready to take our order, one of us said “5 steak frites please.” We did had to go around the table telling the waitress how we wanted our steaks to be cooked. I went medium rare.

We started off the meal with some carrot and celery sticks that were served with a tiny jar of mustard, I think it was mustard. Then came along a free ham and cheese crepe that was cut into squares. The small square crepe was pretty tasty but why was the crepe black?

Finally 5 plates of steak frites hit our table. The plate looked great. Big piece of beef topped with a slice of round herby butter served with frites and a salad. I sliced right down the middle to check the inside and it was perfectly medium rare, a PLUS! Everything turned out great. The frites were pretty good especially when dipped in the beef juice. Though we all agreed the steak was a bit fatty.


Overall it was a great start to our steak frites club. When we first arrived at the restaurant we all noticed the Van Leeuwen truck parked right across the street from Moutarde. We decided to skip desserts at the restaurant for ice cream at the truck. I got the earl gray flavor which I know I like. The scoop that I got was just okay. The texture wasn’t very creamy and it was a little bland.

– Moutarde, 239 5th Ave Brooklyn


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