Market Watch: Ground Cherries

There was more than a hint of autumn in the air at this morning’s market, and winter squash sat uneasily next to its summer brethren. This may be the last week to enjoy the unique flavor of ground cherries, a fruit you won’t find at your regular supermarket. Despite their name, ground cherries are more closely related to cape gooseberries, tomatillos, and tomatoes, which explains their other name: the husk tomato. Once you remove the papery husk the small orange fruit is revealed, and although many people compare the flavor to pineapple I’ve never found that to be the case. Their flavor is so unusual that you’ll find yourself popping them compulsively just to try and figure out what it is they do taste like.


3 thoughts on “Market Watch: Ground Cherries

  1. Oh my gosh! I just got some at the Brooklyn Farm City Fair too! They’ve an interesting flavor. Very different. Tart, like a bit of sweetness. Yea, I don’t find much ‘pineapple’ tast to them. HOw will you use them? I plan to just keep them an natrurale and use in salads.


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