Blue Stove, Saltie, Pies ‘n’ Thighs

Back at the end of August, Donny and I spent the day walking and eating through Williamsburg here in Brooklyn. Well, more eating than walking. In fact I ended up eating so much that day that I had to step back and re-evaluate my eating habits. So if you think you can maintain this level, you’re welcome to try to replicate this eating tour of Williamsburg, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Not because the food was bad, but because it would be unhealthy to do it (not to mention expensive).

We started the day at the Blue Stove, where we had our first pie of the day. I had one of the specials, the concord grape pie. I mainly got it because I had never heard of grape pie before. Imagine a blueberry pie, but made with grapes instead. They warmed it up for me, which was a nice touch. The pie was really good though at $5 for the slice way overpriced. Donny mentioned that they didn’t put any whipped cream on the plate, but I didn’t really mind that.

Out next stop was Saltie, a relatively new sandwich place. I’m still a bit baffled by the concept — “We’re gonna open a vaguely nautical-inspired sandwich shop where we take big pieces of focaccia bread and pile all kinds of crazy shit into it!” — but the sandwich I had was excellent. I had the unfortunately named Scuttlebutt ($9), piled high with a hard boiled egg, cauliflower, pickles, giant chunks of feta cheese, black olives, capers, tomatoes, and smothered in aioli. It was like eating a great, upscale egg salad sandwich. This sandwich alone was enough to fill me up, and I really should have stopped eating then.

We decided to walk for a bit to burn off a few off the calories, and we took a brief detour to meet up with our friend Corrine, who works in the area and steered us towards Urban Rustic. Even though she recommended the sandwiches, I was way too full to ingest anything. Donny got one of the fresh juices, and then we made our way to McCarren Park for more walking.

Eventually we made our way to Pies ‘n’ Thighs for a pie tasting. Our friend Jeff was having a birthday, and there was talk of getting pies for the party. Donny and I decided to take one for the team and test them out. We got three slices (at $4.50 each), but I’m sad to say that none of them was very good. We got guava cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter pie, and lemon blackberry pie. They all were made in the same style: the cheesecake had a thin layer of guava on top, the peanut butter had a thin layer of chocolate on top, and the lemon had a thin layer of blackberry on top. The lemon blackberry was the best of the bunch, reminding me of a lemon square.

We finished the day with a few drinks at Good Company, which has a big beautiful patio out back which we had all to ourselves. We were joined for a drink by our friend Liza, which was a nice end to the day. Oh, and we paid a quick visit to Brooklyn Kitchen.

Brooklyn is often thought of as the epicenter of a food revolution, and Williamsburg is certainly proof positive of that. Most of these places were started and are run by young people with a passion for what they do, and that’s an exciting thing. Unfortunately they are also a bit on the expensive side, another consequence of the “revolution”. Still, it’s nice to see (and eat) so many new things. And now I have to continue with my diet…

Blue Stove — 415 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn
Saltie — 378 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
Urban Rustic — 236 N. 12th Street, Brooklyn
Pies ‘n’ Thighs — 166 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn
Good Company — 10 Hope Street, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Kitchen — 100 Frost Street, Brooklyn


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