Veal Sandwich And Andrew Zimmern

Veal sandwich
I’m the type of person that likes to stick to what I know is good even though when someone else tells me something else is better. Yeah I’m pretty boring….or just plain lazy? Maybe I need to take more risk, MAYBE I need to take more risk in my life general. Anyways.

My usual choice at the Schnitzel truck has always been chicken schnitz with potato salad and cucumber salad with sirarcha mayo. It’s easy to order because I order it so many frakkin times. Sometimes even if I want something else my mind will think okay, this time chicken schnitz with chickpeas and beets but my mouth automatically orders chicken schnitz with potato and cucumber. But finally few days ago I ordered something totally different. Maybe because its Autumn or that it’s the end of September or the closeness of Jupiter actually because it was rainy and we were all standing around waiting for Andrew Zimmern to show up that ordering a platter meant that my schnitz may be steaming in the container for a while. Steam and fried goods, you know, are eternal enemies. Yes I ordered my first ever sandwich, a veal sandwich with sriracha mayo and my first time seeing Andrew Zimmern in 3D.

It started to pour around 11:30am on Tuesday. I was planning to head up to the truck because Andrew Zimmern had scheduled a shoot with Oleg and the crew around 12:30pm. Somebody was lucky or everyone was lucky as the rain stopped right at noon so I grabbed my bag and power walked up to 46th St. Actually I didn’t go to see Mr. Zimmern but to meet up with Gregg and Molly. Vendy Unite!

Mr. Zimmern was late and so the shoot started waaaay late. I got tired of waiting for him so I started to eat my veal sandwich. I have heard many great things about their sandwiches but never seen any photos of it. When I think of ciabatta bread I think small round-ish rectangular shaped bread but I should’ve known Oleg wouldn’t serve his sandwiches in small buns. Instead I was given a body builder sized forearm thing wrapped in tin foil. Ok. Well it didn’t look TOOOO intimidating. I ate while I waited for the shoot to start. I kept eating and eating and eating and eating. WTH?! The sandwich was magical! I kept eating and there was more to eat. It had no end! I’m not complaining, who doesn’t want a never ending veal schnitzel sandwich with lettuce tomatoes and sriracha mayo? Heaven? Nah but close. Heaven would be for the rain to stop, me not spending 10hours in the office and instead an endless supply of schnitzel sandwich with endless supply of beer at a nice outdoor bar?
Veal sandwichVeal sandwich
Ah……..I think she wants my sandwich also. Take 2.

Oh Andrew Zimmern broke Oleg’s mallet while pounding on a piece of chicken. I didn’t stay till the end but apparently he offered his schnitz to the public.
Andrew Zimmern visits Schnitzel Truck
Andrew Zimmern visits Schnitzel Truck

It was a good one hour.


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