Pastrami Sandwich From Almond

Pastrami sandwich from AlmondPastrami sandwich from Almond
Usually during my lunch hour at work…eh…well…hmm…working? FINE I spend my lunch hour snacking away and catching up on food blogs, you know to make myself more hungry. I’m smart like that. Last Friday I was on Midtownlunch and read about whats over at this year’s Madison Square Mark’t. The list of participating restaurants seem, to me, more exciting than last year. Roberta’s! Pies ‘N’ Thighs! Yes even though I go to these 2 places a lot, just went to Pies ‘N’ Thighs for brunch yesterday, I was still happy to see them there. Last week the weather was just plain horrible. Gloomy and rain. So finally it cleared up on Friday so I took the chance, after work, and took a walk. I ended up at Madison Square Markt. Totally wasn’t planning on getting anything to eat but somehow I wandered over to the Almond tent and started to chat with the dudes behind the table. I asked for their pastrami sandwich and the guy told me they JUST sold their last one BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, while looking at what was left in the pan, said he can give me what was left in the pan. WOW yes please! Still what was left in the pan was still enough to make a pretty decent sized sandwich and he charged me $4 instead of $6. I didn’t eat lunch that day so I devoured the sandwich. Meaty, tangy goodness. The pastrami was so good, tender and juicy. Though the very last bite, mostly the whole grain mustard was left, was very salty. Wonder how much pastrami people get for $6?

Madison Square Mark’t is now till Octerber 23rd, 11am to 8pm.


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