Cranberry Almond Streusel From Shake Shack

Cranberry Almond Streusel Concrete
It’s Oktoberfest! Actually it was Oktoberfest but who cares! Shake Shack doesn’t care and that’s why their Shacktoberfest runs till the 10th of October. If you want to know what they’re serving, go check out the post over at Serious Eats NY.

On Saturday I found myself wandering into Madison Square Park and before I knew it I was already in line at Shake Shack. I wasn’t hungry or anything but I wanted a concrete so I stood in the B-Line. I ended up getting the Shacktoberfest concrete special, cranberry almond streusel concrete. I took the cup of concrete from the guy behind the window and was just thinking wow this was huge! Huge like a whole pint of concrete. I found a bench and sat down, the whole time thinking will I be able to finish this at 1 go? I took a 1st bite and a 2nd and a 3rd and eventually I finished the whole thing. It was DELICIOUS! The cranberry was very tart but it was good very tart. The almond streusel was good, I love almond flavored anything, but wished there were more in smaller pieces.

I couldn’t stop eating it.


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