Five Spice Ground Beef With Peas

5 Spice Powder Beef & Peas
I LOVE GROUND MEAT! It’s cheap, easy to cook and goes great over white rice! OH OH it’s also easy to eat. This is my own creation! Five spice ground beef with peas. It was deeeeeelicious. I bought everything at Trader Joe’s. I THINK the pack of ground beef I got was about a pound for couple bucks. I got a bag of onions and a bag of frozen peas.

– Five Spice Ground Beef with Peas
About a pound of ground beef
Frozen peas (I used only half a bag)
1 onion diced
4 cloves of garlic sliced and diced (I love garlic)
Scallions (if you have any on hand, optional)
2 tablespoons of five spice powder
Soy sauce (the sweet kind)
Sesame oil
Hoisin sauce
Extra spicy satay sauce
Rice wine
Salt & pepper
Loads of white rice

This is Chinese food people! I think. So that means you’ll need a wok, a very hot wok, and everything will go fast. Well I guess you don’t need a wok but everyone should have a wok.

Get the wok really really hot. While the wok is heating up, break out the ground meat, season it with salt and pepper and add the five spice powder. Give it a good mix. When the wok is ready, its good that you have everything chopped and diced and prepared first. Throw in the diced onion and cook it till semi-cooked then add in the garlic. You’ll know when to add in the beef when you start to smell the garlic, the wonderful smell of garlic. After adding the beef give it a good mix…a good stir with your spatula I guess. Try and break up the meat into little pieces. Keeping the heat at high give the beef mixture few swings of rice wine. Keep mixing/stirring. Then throw in the soy sauce, sesame oil and couple tablespoons of hoisin sauce. Basically I added whatever I had in my kitchen.

Taste it! If its good throw in the peas and stir around. Cook it for a minute or so and turn the heat off. Lastly throw in the chopped scallions. Serve with steamed rice.

Sorry if I don’t have measurements for the amount of soy sauce and sesame oil. Here’s an estimate. The soy sauce I drizzled 1.5 circle and the sesame oil I did about .5 circle.


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