Chocolate Jelly Ring Ices at NYC Icy

At my family get-togethers, no matter what the occasion, you’re almost guaranteed to find chocolate jelly rings. If you’ve never had one before, I’ll try to describe them: a silver dollar-sized ring of particularly noxious artificially fruit-flavored solid gel (I think it’s supposed to be raspberry) surrounded by a thin layer of milk chocolate. They’re pretty bad but they’re also highly addictive, perhaps because of the nostalgia involved. So when I visited NYC Icy here in Brooklyn for the first time I wasn’t drawn to the purple carrot ices or the Thai ice tea ice cream. The ices tasted remarkably like chocolate jelly rings — fake fruit flavor and chocolate. In addition to the flavored ice, there were chunks of chocolate jelly rings mixed into it. A fine way to celebrate the end of summer, if you’re familiar with the flavor. I wonder how someone who’s never had them before would like it?

NYC Icy — 905 Church Ave, Brooklyn


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