L.A. Eats – Day 3 Baked Pork Chop Over Rice

Yes I know I skipped day 2 of my LA trip that is because I spent all of day 2 cooking at home. It was my mom’s birthday so I decided to make a family meal. The very first thing I did that morning was make a pot of coffee then I drove to the supermarket to get chicken liver. I promised my sister that I would make pate and so I did. Still warm pate on baguette was pretty nice. For lunch I made one of my favorite Jamie Oliver pasta dish, the pasta peperonata. As for dinner, the previous night I had cooked a big pot of Mediterranean braised lamb and left it in the fridge so that I could scoop all the fat out. While that was heating back up, I made couscous, roasted some squash, cooked asparagus in whole grain mustard, and cooked some of Italian style greens. Everything turned out pretty good.

Anyways the next day I had to run some errands with my parents and after everything was done we had couple hours to waste before picking up my niece from school. I wanted lunch and my parents didn’t care where we go so I decided Boston Kitchen. This cafe has nothing to do with Boston and I have no idea why they called it Boston Kitchen. It’s a Hong Kong style cafe which of course if you’re familiar with this blog I’m a huge fan of these cafes. Where else can you get an iced coffee tea (yin yan), baked rice dishes and traditional Chinese dishes?

This particular Boston Kitchen used to be a KFC. I believe I come here with my parents every time haha. The flat screen tv had Hong Kong news on which was reporting the typhoon that was currently hitting Hong Kong. As usual I got a baked pork chop over rice and for a dollar more I got a Thai iced tea. My parents got a broccoli with fish and stir fry beef with bittermelon. Some cafes give you a choice as to what soup you want as a starter, red or white. Red is a tomato based beef soup and white is a corn chowder. I always get the corn chowder. At Boston there was only 1 choice and that was a delicious veg soup with chicken. It was very simple, light and probably filled with MSG.

Of course you don’t go to these places and expect culinary masterpieces. You go to these places to eat. To eat cheaply and be full when you leave. I have to have a baked dish over rice either pork chop or cow tongue each time I go home. Certain cafes like Boston don’t serve the baked cow tongue over rice. And certain cafes have an option for the baked dish to have white sauce instead of red.
Baked pork chop over rice
Stir fry beef w/ bittermelonBroccoli w/ fish


3 thoughts on “L.A. Eats – Day 3 Baked Pork Chop Over Rice

  1. I love HK cafes! Whenever I go back to HK, I make sure to visit one. Oh, the red bean icy…

    Btw, congrats on your feature on Midtownlunch! I’m surprised you don’t lunch with your coworkers, but then again, I don’t as well. I usually stay at my desk. I refuse to get take outs and those buffets around midtown.


  2. I’m currently in grad school, so I’m trying to save $$ by bringing my own stuff. Also, as an ‘almost vegan’ (still can’t shake off my Greek yogurt intake), it’s very dificult to find healthy veggies in midtown (not including toss a salad option). I do love Whole Foods buffet bar. I’m really a health nut to sum it up and in my next post, you’ll see why, lol. However, I do like Dafni (Greek) on 42nd St, Yagura (Japanese groceries), and Green symphony if I felt like treating myself to a nice veggie lunch.


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