Ted & Honey

Ted & Honey
Situated in one of the quieter streets in Cobble Hill, Ted & Honey seem like a popular spots for parents and their strollers and their kids, screaming kids. I live few blocks from it but have never bother to go there for a meal. I do get reminded about Ted & Honey every time my friend checks in on Foursquare.

One Saturday I found myself being awake super early and hungry. I wasn’t in the mood for anything and started to wander around the neighborhood trying to find something to eat. I thought about going to Mile End and started walking toward it but then I stopped. I decided that I wasn’t in the mood so I turned around. Then I thought to myself “Ah f**k it, I’m just gonna get coffee.” So I walked and walked. Finally I found myself on Clinton St facing directly at Ted & Honey. With its red facade it was quite hard to miss, literally screaming at you. Well it wasn’t the only thing that was screaming. While standing in line a group that included 3 adults and 5 kids came in. Yes I decided to try Ted & Honey, it was about time. I tried not to stare at the group but the kids were loud. I know they’re just kids.

At 9:30am the place was packed. Almost all of the seats were taken but thank goodness most of the people in front of me got their coffee and food to go. Remember the friends I said had reminded me of Ted & Honey whenever they check into Foursquare? Well thanks to them for leaving a tip, I knew what to order.

Ted & Honey

Ted & HoneyTed & Honey
My friend recommended the meatloaf sandwich buuuuutt there were 2 meatloaf sandwiches. 1 was the breakfast sandwich with cheddar and egg while the other was the lunch sandwich a bbq meatloaf sandwich. I thought since it was breakfast time I should order the breakfast sandwich!

Lucky for me the counter space by the entrance opened up so I sat by the big window furthest away from the packed area. What you do at Ted & Honey is you order, give them your name and wait for the waiter to bring out the plate of food while yelling your name out. “Donny! Donny!” I raised my hand and a guy with a plate in his hand placed my breakfast in front of me. I love it when a place already cuts the sandwich in half for you. Easier to eat and good innard shots for me blog here, ay?

The sandwich was pretty good nothing too exciting. The meatloaf was kind of boring and a little bland. Though I found it wonderful to see specs of orange and green in the meatloaf, like they were trying to sneak in vegetables into the sandwich. The sharp cheddar could’ve been more sharp and I liked the squishy bun they used. I might go back and try the bbq meatloaf sandwich.
Meatload Breakfast sandwich

Ted & Honey 264 Clinton St Brooklyn


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