Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck

Kari ayamCurry mee
FREE! Yes thanks to Ultraclay over at Midtown Lunch for the free food heads up about the Malaysia Kitchen food truck being so close to my office. I got there right around noon and there was only about 5-6 people in front of me. For today they are serving kari ayam, Malaysian chicken curry and curry mee, shrimp and tofu curry with rice noodles. Surprisingly no one was touching the cups and cups of curry mee. People either didn’t care or didn’t see them even though they were sitting right at the window. Obviously I got both. Both were quite delicious though I wish there was a little bit more heat to them. The chicken was good and tender while the shrimp in the mee tasted fresh! I found myself wanting a tiny scoop of rice for the kari ayam but hey Woorijip is quite close and they sell small containers of white rice for 50cent. You COULD potentially turn this into a very cheap meal.

Check their site and twitter for their latest locations.


4 thoughts on “Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck

  1. I got to the Union Square location on Tuesday and saved the beef curry for my mom. Her co-worker was so jealous of the great aroma that my mom shared some with her. 😛


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