Tripe From Salt & Pepper

I love tripe. I eat it everytime I go to dim sum. I also eat tripe for breakfast along with fishballs that I get from the Chinese cart on East Broadway. If you go don’t forget to get the congee too. Anyways I love tripe. My mom would tell me not to eat so much of the innards, it ain’t good for you. Yes mom. BUT when I went to Salt & Pepper for lunch the other day I saw tripe! My usual has always been stew chicken with yellow rice and lentils, before that was beans. Here you go. Tripe with yellow rice and lentils. It’s hard to love Salt & Pepper anymore than i do already but BOOM tripe. The tripe was good and tender. Do you describe tripe as tender? This was $7.50, there was so much food I didn’t eat dinner that night.

– Salt & Pepper 139 W 33rd St


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