Secret Ingredient: Rambutans

My sister always says that I eat weird looking fruit (see the sugar apple, see also the mangosteen), so I thought I’d keep the ball rolling. Rambutans are native to Southeast Asia, and not “The Outer Limits” as was claimed by the specialty food store at which I bought them. Once you crack open the outer husk (which does require a bit of pressure) you reveal what looks like a lychee or longan, with a similar chewy texture. They are sweet, slightly acidic, and completely delicious. I wasn’t thrilled with the long, crumbly pit in the center; I wonder if that was the result of the long journey the fruit made on the way from Asia to my belly.

On a side note, I think that it’s funny to reject food based on the way it looks. Sure, I’m a vegetarian, but as a curious eater I’m willing to try any (non animal) food at least once.


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