Hill Country Chicken

Hill Country Chicken
Many past Saturday few of my friends and I ventured out to crowded Flatiron/Chelsea area from our cozy Brooklyn apartments in the hopes of scoring ourselves some Grill Em All burgers. They were scheduled to serve their gourmet burgers from 1pm to 3pm at Rub BBQ. Sadly we found out that you had to RSVP to get the burgers and they had already sold out of their RSVPs. With our sad faces and empty stomach we were desperately trying to figure out what to eat. I quickly said the usual suspects Shake Shack…..Eataly….Madison Square Markt. In the end few of us went to Shake Shack, others went food stall hopping at Madison Square Markt and I went to Hill Country Chicken.

I have heard many praises for the fried chicken and SE seems to like it. Usually during weekday lunch time, the line would be out the door so I was glad when I went it wasn’t crowded at all. You get 2 choices the Hill Country version and the Mama El’s version. The Mama El’s version was skinless so being a lover of chicken skin I went for the Hill Country version. I ended getting a thigh, a drum (I prefer dark meat), 2 biscuits (I heard these were good), a creme brulee pie and a side of corn salad, which I only ate a few fork full because it wasn’t too great.

Eventually one of us found a big enough table at Shake Shack and everyone was happy. I went straight for the drumstick and took a good bite out of it. It was deeeelicious. I was surprised to taste how sweet the seasoning was and it was good sweetness! I wouldn’t mind sneaking into their kitchen, grab the recipe and put it on EVERYTHING! There needs to be more combination of sweetness and meat, it’s good people! The biscuits were pretty good too and for $1 each they’re were pretty great.
Hill Country ChickenHill Country Chicken
These fried chicken definitely lacked the extra crunchy outer layer found on most other fried chickens. And yes I always order extra crispy at KFC because I LOVE the extra crispy bits. Was I sad that there weren’t any crispy bits on these fine Hill Country Chicken chicken? Nope, not at all. NYC and my tummie have enough room for different kinds of fried chicken. I’m just very glad that HCC is so close to my work. Oh and the creme brulee pie, well it wasn’t anything special. Tasted great and they blow torched the top in front of you but it was just creme brulee on pie crust. Funny thing, while eating my chicken at Shake Shack, I bumped into Amy Cao from Amy Blogs Chow and she recommended the skinless version.

Take 2!
Hill Country ChickenHill Country Chicken
This past Monday a coworker dragged me out to lunch because she was bitter about what I had said about not eating lunch with coworkers on my Midtown Lunch’er Profile. I wasn’t going to say no but then she said Hill Country Chicken. Fried chicken for lunch it was. We go there around 1pm, maybe because it was cold and gloomy it was quite empty for prime lunch time hour. This time I had my mine set on getting some skinless chicken since a lot of people recommended that I should. For $14 I got 1 classic drumstick, 1 classic thigh, 1 Mama El’s recipe (skinless) thigh, 2 biscuits and a side of cole slaw. Just by looking at both the thighs I couldn’t really tell which was which, the only way to find out was to eat them! There was a nice crunch to the skinless version and was quite tasty. I mean it’s still fried chicken so of course it’s going to be good but you know I think I still prefer the classic version. I just love chicken skin more than not having any. But for my friends that don’t eat the skin, *sigh, it’s great for them.

Hill Country Chicken 1123 Broadway New York, NY


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