My friend Steph and I are still wondering is it Brucie like Bru-sie or Brucie like Bru-chi. Though no matter how we pronounce the newly opened Italian restaurant’s name, we are totally in love with it. Unlike the more exciting Smith St, Court St is pretty damn boring and quiet. So when Brucie opened…eh….a month ago?!….I had no idea. The past tenant was Cube 63 sushi, a pretty decent sushi joint that I went only 2 times since I moved into the neighborhood. Then when I found out it had closed I felt indifferent about it. Sadly the space sat vacant for about a year until I heard Brucie had moved in.

Out of curiosity I went online and found their website and their menu. When I spotted this “housemade tagliatelle with sweet corn, brussels sprouts, tomato butter and burrata ($14)” I knew I had to pay Brucie a visit. Though I didn’t actually go for dinner till 3 weeks later on a Thursday night.

Brucie is part restaurant that serves same day made pasta and cheese and part grocery store. It’s a place where you can sit down, have a nice plate of freshly made pasta, buy sausages, bread and other Italian food items. Pretty much everything here is from other food places in Boerum Hill/Carrol Gardens. Bread from Caputo’s, ice cream from Blue Marble…and etc. Even though Brucie is the new kid on the block it seems the neighborhood has already welcomed it. The night that I went, around 7:30pm, the cozy restaurant was already filled with lively conversations and plenty of pasta dishes going around. There were many counter top space and stools, a big communal table and 1 table for 4 people. A big chunk of the dining room was carved out for the pasta station. Everyone that worked there was so cheerful but at times seem lost. We kept getting dishes that weren’t ours. But I’m sure these will worked themselves out as they get more experiences running the place.

As I said before I came here to try the housemade tagliatelle with sweet corn, brussels sprouts, tomato butter and burrata ($14) and that was what I ordered. Steph ordered the pappardelle with lamb ragu topped with freshly made ricotta cheese ($16). We did start of with a savory pastry. A broccoli with cheese (forgot what cheese) stuffed in a flaky dough, 3 for $6, was flavorful and a great way to start the meal.

Finally our pasta dishes came. Both plate looked promising. The menu didn’t say the brussels sprouts were all going to be charred and black, so that was surprising. Well here goes. In 1 fork full I tried to get a little bit of the burrata, pasta and brussel sprouts. Hhhmmm nothing really beats a nice plate of pasta when it’s cold outside. The creamy tomato sauce, probably my favorite type of pasta sauce, was excellent and so were the brussels sprouts. The brussels sprouts were crispy but a little bit dry. I really really loved the dish. The pasta was perfectly cooked! Loved it.

Steph was very happy with her lamb ragu dish as well. She said the additional of peas made it felt like a sheperd’s pie. I took a bite and it was gooood. The lamb ragu had the perfect amount of lambiness for me and the pappardelle was perfect. I love fat pastas.

We walked out of there happy and full. It’s quite rare for me to be full whenever I visit a place for pasta. Yes I eat way too much pasta. Steph also got the chicken parm sandwich to go for Scott and I’m happy to report that he liked it a lot.

I will definitely be back for the spaghetti and meatballs.

Brucie 234 Court St. Brooklyn


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