Steve’s Small Batch Ice Cream

The other day I was at the South Slope Union Market, and as I wandered past the ice cream freezer something caught my eye. Something hand-written. Now I should point out that when I see hand-written labels in a grocery store, it sets off all kinds of excitement alarms in my brain. I had to investigate. What I found was Steve’s Ice Cream, in a few very intriguing flavors: Salty Caramel, Blackberry Honey, Mexican Chile Chocolate, and Sugar Cookie Dough. On that first visit I picked up a pint of Salty Caramel, and it was just as rich and decadent as I’d hoped. A week later I had some people over at my apartment, and I decided that Steve’s Ice Cream would be a good party food. I picked up the Blackberry Honey and the Mexican Chile Chocolate, but somehow it didn’t make it out until the end of the night when there were just three of us left. The Mexican Chile Chocolate was rich as well, but only slightly spicy from cayenne pepper. It was also dotted with pieces of what were billed as chile chocolate, but tasted just like regular chocolate. My favorite flavor of the three was the Blackberry Honey. Yes it was rich and decadent, and tasted wonderfully like blackberries. To my surprise there was a ribbon of pure honey running through the ice cream, lending sweetness and freshness to the ice cream. I couldn’t get enough.

A few days later I returned to try the Sugar Cookie Dough, one of Steve’s soy-based flavors (they also make coconut-based ice creams, though I’m not sure exactly what that means) [UPDATE: I just got an email from Steve’s telling me that the Sugar Cookie Dough is actually a coconut-based ice cream. My mistake.]. I was disappointed to see that Steve’s Ice Cream was all sold out! I’ve since checked back, and haven’t found it. Does anyone out these know where I can get some without going out to their Long Island test kitchen? Help me out, I’m going into withdrawal!


14 thoughts on “Steve’s Small Batch Ice Cream

    1. @Rodzilla – just read your review of jeni’s on your site. fyi: steve’s salty caramel is “only” $6.99 and it was really good. the packaging may look the same, but i guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.


  1. The soy and coconut based ice creams are all vegan. I’m told they actually have a vegan chef formulating them (I manage a health food store in upstate NY and we carry all the flavors they sell retail). The soy-based Lemon Meringue is absolutely amazing! Slightly tart, and I have no idea how they captured the flavor of meringue, especially without animal products, but they did! The sugar-cookie is still a favorite of mine, though… As is the Bourbon Vanilla (NOT vegan).


    1. @Rachel – thanks for the info! the lemon meringue sounds really good. i just tried the sugar-cookie dough, and i have to say, i’m not a huge fan. i do like the bourbon vanilla, though.


  2. I’ve seen Jeni’s at Brooklyn Fare at 200 Schermerhorn street in Boerum Hill. But I’m pretty sure it’s $10/pint. They sell Steve’s at Perelandra in Brooklyn Heights.


  3. Apologies for bumping an old post. It is good to see this brand available in more locations. Do you know where the long island test kitchen is, or whether they do tours?


    1. @ Rob C – we were actually lucky enough to get a tour of their kitchen (see here) but i believe they’ve changed location since then. i don’t think they give tours to the general public, though.


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