You say tomato and I say latke like lat-kee or is it latke like lat-kah? I don’t really care as long as they taste good. Latkes, if you don’t know what they are, are potato pancakes usually served with apple sauce and sour cream. You can think of them as hash browns, I guess. These are traditionally eaten during Hanukkah and oh hey it’s Hanukkah! But of course you can get latkes all-year-round. I had my first latke at B & H Dairy near NYU. It came with a little thing of apple sauce and sour cream. The latke was well….kind of disappointing.

Fast forward to this past Saturday morning. Karloff, opened back in Sept, took over what used to be a Tea Lounge on Court St and Kane St. Everytime I walked by it I thought it was just another pastry and coffee spot. Then last week I walked by it and a chalkboard was sitting outside Karloff and I saw laktes with stroganoff. Sold.

Latkes are beautiful things if they’re cooked right and at Karloff they sure cooked them right. The latkes were super nice crispy on the outside and soft/creamy in the inside. Eaten with the sweet apple sauce and sour cream was great. Sweet creamy tangy and crispy all in one tasty bite. The pork sausage that I got to pair with the latkes were a bit disappointing. Not bad…but it was alright. Could’ve used a little bit of searing or grilled marks.


Many posts ago I had mentioned that Court St, compared to Smith St, was quieter and well more boring in the restaurant scene. Of course I shouldn’t determine if a place is good or bad by just one visit but I had an enjoyable and relaxed time at Karloff. People were super nice and the owner came by to chat because she saw me taking photos. I will definitely be back since I promised them I go back to try the ice cream. With the addition of Karloff and Brucie, Court St is becoming pretty exciting.


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