Fuji Bakery

Fuji Bakery
Fuji Bakery on 35th St between 7th and 8th ave isn’t just a bakery. They also have a cheap cheap 2 item combo lunch for $4.75 and a whole menu of stuff like pork chop over rice, beef brisket noodles, and even dim sum!

Unlike the hot table items at Fay Da Bakery on 34th St there are less choices at Fuji but at least the slices of chicken at Fuji’s chicken and broccoli weren’t in a weird shade of red. Yeah I don’t know why the both times I went to Fay Da and got their chicken and broccoli, the chicken was red! That made me stop going.

There are few items at Fuji that are guaranteed to be there like chicken and broccoli, pork chops and sauteed baby bok choy. BUT most items tend to rotate so there are near infinite number of combos you can make. And so I did just that, sort of.

Actually let’s start off with the “don’t bother” part. Don’t bother with the dim sum. It may have been because it was sitting in the steam cave for a good 4-5 hours but the beef and shrimp cheung fun I got weren’t great at all. They were way too soft, the shrimps were a bit mushy and the beef had no texture! Even if I can forgive the texture since they were steaming in there for a good part of the day, both cheung funs were bland. Boo!
Fuji Bakery

FYI most of these combo items I had weren’t amazing! They were all pretty average but damn for $4.75 they really filled me up.

Pork chops with peppers and sauteed green beans (picture above)
I really liked the pork chops, mostly boneless and quite tender (too tender actually).

Chicken broccoli with roast pork plus a cup of soup
Fuji Bakery
The soup was free but skip it. It tasted BLAH. The chicken and broccoli were pretty standard stuff. I was surprised by how good the roast pork was. It had a good ratio of fat and lean meat.

Pork belly with pickled vegetables and sauteed slices of winter melon, carrots and pork
Fuji Bakery
The pork belly was pretty tasty, not super tender but heck it was pork belly! I love pork belly. Though the star in that combo had to be the winter melon. Great great wintery comfort food.

Scrambled eggs with bok choy over fried rice
Fuji Bakery
Yes you can get fried rice or chow mein instead of plain ole white rice. The scrambled eggs is a rare item. I believe I have only seen it once at Fuji. If you love eggs like I do, get it if you see it. These eggs had mixed veg inside. The bok choy was pretty standard.

Cauliflower with beef and pork with onions and peppers
Fuji Bakery
Both items were okay, nothing spectacular but it did satisfy my cauliflower craving for that day.

– Fuji Bakery 224 W. 35th St #2, NYC


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