Pie, Bratwurst And Pretzel

As I’m typing this I’m sitting on my bed in the fine fine Ace Hotel in Seattle sipping my free Stumptown coffee. OMG they have a self-served waffle machine also. Yeah sorry NY but I just had to take a break from you. Though I am kind of sad to have missed the snow storm. Suppose to rain in Seattle all week, boo. Anyways enough about Seattle.

Last week I decided that since I’ll be away for awhile I wanted to visit few of the places that I’m sure I’ll miss and places that I’ve been meaning to go. Well so I think I sort of succeeded and also failed. I’ve been wanting to go try Taim but ended not going, will put that on my 2011 list.

Pie! Four and Twenty Blackbirds may be my favorite pie place now and their salty honey pie may be my new favorite pie. It’s sweet, it’s custardy and it’s salty.
Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Schnitzel! Actually bratwurst! We all know Schnitzel & Things does great schnitzel and yes I should’ve eaten a schnitzel but instead I got a bratwurst platter with fries and potato salad. Don’t think I had the bratwurst before and oh dude it was delicious. Eat it with the spicy mayo and you’re set.
Schnitzel & Things

Pretzel! Sigmund Pretzel has revived my love for the pretzel. I’m from LA so yes I used to love going to the mall. And everytime I go to the mall and saw Auntie Anne’s pretzel I would get a cinnamon and sugar pretzel. But ever since moving to NYC I stopped going to Auntie Anne’s because the only time I see it is walking through Penn Station and well I don’t want to get anything from Penn Station. I do occasionally eat the snack ones that are covered in salt. Sigmund ain’t your Auntie Anne’s. They do serve the typical pretzel in the typical pretzel shape but I prefer the mini ones. They are more like small chunks of bread than pretzel. Love.
Sigmund pretzel

Four & Twenty Blackbirds 439 3rd Ave, Gowanus
Schnitzel & Things
Sigmund Pretzelshop 29 Ave B

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