A bowl of hot broth with noodles can give a person comfort during the cold seasons, heals ones soul and restores ones strength. Cocoron, which means “heartwarming” in Japanese, is perfectly named for this Lower East Side soba shop. Yes soba. Seems like ramen has pretty much dominated NYC with over a dozen ramen shops in the city and in Brooklyn. But we can’t forget about udon or soba.

When we think of soba we think room temperature noodles, dipped in sauce and consume. At Cocoron you can get that but don’t expect the typical version. Here they offer few different broths with different stuff in it like bonito flakes and grated daikon or natto served on the side. What you can also get is soba in hot broth. Yes, why not?

Met up with my friend Hong-An for dinner at Cocoron around 7pm. For almost our entire meal we were the only customers. Hopefully that doesn’t happen every night because I do not want this place to go away. We sat at the bar and had a full view of the kitchen.

We started off a small cup of hijiki and sticky rice stuffed with chicken meatballs. I can never say no to meatballs. These were quite good and comforting!
Next up, soba. Hong-An got the stamina soba which had pork and scallion while I got the oroshi soba which had bonito flakes, seaweed, sprouts and topped with grated daikon. The broth had so much flavor ( I drank all of it) and the noodles had a really great texture. Simple and delicious.
After we were done eating we sat there for a while drinking our tea and coke. As we were doing that the lady chef was teaching the guy chef how to cook an omelette and how to properly flip the pan. Haha it was great watching the whole process. Then they were SUPER nice enough to share their hard work with us.
I, officially, love this place.

– Cocoron 61 Delancey St.

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