San Francisco: Little Star Pizza

Little Star
Oh twinkle twinkle little star….how I wanna eat your pizza-r! I can write lyrics! After a good few hours on the plane flying from Seattle to San Francisco, I was ready to just veg out. It was raining quite a bit when I landed and parts of SFO were leaking, eek! Even though I was pretty tired, I was glad that my friends were up for hanging out in SF a bit. Matt and Chris’s parents had moved to the Sonoma County so they had a good 40min drive into SFO to pick me up. Along with Phae, they decided to have dinner in the city.

I had mentioned Little Star to them before, so I guess the idea was stuck in their heads. I’m not quite familiar with the history of Little Star or why the love for deep dish pizzas in SF but you can check out their website and a review on Slice.

Little StarLittle Star
I was afraid there would be a long wait but they were hopeful since it was still earlyish on a Tuesday night. We were lucky enough to have found a parking spot right around the corner from Little Star, it was still raining hard. We walked into a very dark restaurant, reminded me of Williamsburg. Damn hipsters! The hostess told us it would be a 30min wait but we could order now and so we did. Then we ran across the street to Minibar for a drink. Then exactly, sort of exactly, we ran back to Little Star and got seated right away. Now looking through the menu again, we added couple things to our order.

Garlic bread
This ain’t your traditional garlic bread or at least not the traditional way of serving garlic bread. On the plate was a piece of bread sliced up. Next to it was a little cup holding butter (I think) and next to it was a whole bulb of roasted garlic. There were different ways to attack this thing, well actually maybe just 2. Either spread the roasted garlic and butter onto the piece of bread or do what Phae did and just squeeze the damn garlic straight into the butter. Easy peasy. The whole mess needed salt.
Little StarLittle Star
We also got an order of the spicy chicken wings that was served with carrots and blue cheese. I’m not a big fan of blue cheese so….I dipped the wings in the garlic butter! These were damn good and damn good spicy.

And yes the pizza. Between the 4 of us we ordered the Classic, large, with sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green bellpeppers ($23). It looked promising and a plus for the strings of cheese we got when we lifted a slice up.
Little Star
Though after taking a bite I wasn’t too thrill about it and Chris agreed with me. There were too many chunks of tomatoes and it super overpowered all of the other ingredients. I ended up scraping off some of the tomatoes to taste the sausages and mushrooms. Of course Matt thought we were both crazy and loved the tomatoes. But hey I really liked the crust.

Chris still prefers Patxi’s Chicago Pizza.
Little Star

Check their website, there are multiple locations. The 1 we went was on 846 Divisadero St.


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