Sonoma County California Eats

Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Like I mentioned in my previous post that my friends’ parents had moved to the Sonoma County, 40mins north of SF. That’s where I stayed for the rest of my time in NorCal.

Ana’s Cafe & Espresso
 Ana's Cafe & Espresso Ana's Cafe & Espresso
The 1st morning Matt had told me about this pretty damn good place for breakfast burrito, a short walk from the house. Being vacation and all we actually didn’t leave the house till during lunch time. Ana’s Cafe & Espresso was inside a tiny plaza, next to a pet store. When we walked a lady was sitting at 1 of the table reading the newspapers. Wasn’t sure if she was Ana or not. She quickly got up and took our orders. Lucky for us, breakfast burrito seem to be an all day thing. About the size of your forearm and weighs as much as a fat cat, the breakfast burrito came with eggs, cheese and other fillings. I got mine with chorizo and potatoes.

I was pretty excited to dig into this monster but being cautious I only ate half of it, planned to eat the rest for a late night snack. The burrito was okay, didn’t really taste the chorizo and it was mostly potatoes.

Tomi Thai
Tomi Thai
I heard that this place gets packed pretty early and it was! It didn’t help that this place was tiny also. Good thing we made a reservation.
We sat down and I looked over the menu. I mean I looked at the menu just for the heck of it but I knew I was going to order a Pad See Ew. I had to! It’s the dish I use to compare different Thai restaurants and I actually prefer Pad See Ew more than Pad Thai.

Yes I would’ve liked the portion to be a little bit bigger but all the flavors of a good Pad See Ew were there. I say thumbs up.

Chinois Asian Bistro
Yay Asian foods for dinner continues into the next night. We walked in and were quickly seated. Compared to Tomi Thai, Chinois was roomier and less packed. And if I remember correctly, before 6:30pm was happy hour, cheaper cocktails. The menu at Chinois was pretty extensive. They had Chinese food, Thai, Singapore, Malaysian and even dim sum.

Fried turnip cake
How can I resist not ordering this? The menu said it was pan-fried but when I bit into it the texture told me (yes texture speaks) that it was more like deep-fried. Either way this was pretty good.

String beans wood ear with chicken
Chinois Asian Bistro
I guess I was hoping it was Chinese long beans and not string beans (when you bite into a string bean it makes a squeaky sound and I don’t really like it). Anyways this tasted pretty good, pretty standard stuff. I was not able to finish this dish since you know I just ate a whole mess of fried turnip cakes and a whole pork bun and couple pieces of pork oh and a piece of beef from Phae’s beef stew noodles. I believe we all enjoyed this meal more than the 1 we had at Tomi Thai.
Chinois Asian BistroChinois Asian Bistro

Chinois Asian BistroChinois Asian Bistro

Chinois Asian BistroChinois Asian Bistro

Chinois Asian BistroChinois Asian Bistro

Wild Sage Delicatessen
Wild Sage Delicatessen
After touring the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, sadly we didn’t taste any wine, we stopped at this place for some lunch. When we 1st passed it, the word “Empanadas” on the sign caught our eyes. Then when we walked in we realized they had a whole lot more than just empanadas. There was a whole menu of cold and hot sandwiches, soups, sweet and savory empanads and beers.
Wild Sage DelicatessenWild Sage Delicatessen
I ordered the turkey and bacon sandwich with a cup of clam chowder. Everything was very good in a pretty standard deli sort of way. The clam chowder tasted just like clam chowder that you would get at another place. The sandwich was good and I dipped it into the chowder, crazy talk! I heard the roast beef sandwich with the au jus was delicious. The service here was great! They were all super friendly.

And then we took a trip to Snoopy’s Home Ice
Charlie Brown

McNear’s Saloon & Mystic Theatre
McNear's Saloon
When I had checked into this place, I got a couple people telling me to get the hell out but by then it was too late. It wasn’t sooooo bad. They had the 14,000 flat screen tvs showing all the possible sports games ever that day, few draft beers, crazy food specials and potato skins, I do love potato skins.
McNear's Saloon
A double American Graffiti burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a thousand island dressing (sounds familiar eh?) plus fries and a cup of cream of asparagus soup.
The soup was pretty good, tasted like asparagus. The fries were just OK, definitely just the good ole frozen kind. The burger, yes tasted similar to an In-N-Out burger, was good. I had asked for medium and it came out medium, at least for 1 of the patties.
McNear's SaloonMcNear's Saloon
There were also 6 sliders, chili nachos, buffalo wings and a turkey and brie sandwich on our table.

All in all I had a wonderful time! Many late nights watching bad movies which we ended up watching 10mins of. Played some board games, did some work, roamed around, made a New Years Eve dinner and watched the ball drop.

Next up, LA!


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