L.A. Eats: Dino’s Burgers

Dino's Burgers
Dino’s Burgers, not to be mistaken for Dino’s Chickens and Burgers (same family but owned by 2 brothers), is a tiny burger joint that has seen some history. Located just behind the USC Medical Center, Dino’s is one of those places that, well, I wouldn’t have bothered to go in. Luckily for me my friend, Sue, works at USC Medical Center and took me there few years ago for lunch. I remember them serving up some great burgers and fries.

Recently Sue and I went back to Dino’s for lunch. It had been couple years since our last trip to Dino’s. We walked in to place our orders and took out seats. We were both wondering if their burgers were still as good as we remembered. The guys in the kitchen worked fast, super fast, and so we didn’t have to wonder long.

Dino's BurgersDino's Burgers
Sue got the bacon and avocado burger with zucchini fries while I got just a plain bacon burger with plain fries. An order of fries here could feed 2 to 3 people, no joke. And for the burger? Well I was able to taste the meat, the bacon, the lettuce, the tomato and the bun. That’s good right? Sure if the piece of meat wasn’t so overcooked. Actually I’m not sure if I can even call the piece of meat a patty since it looked and felt, when I took a bite, more like a piece of meatloaf. I was curious if Sue had accidentally ordered a meatloaf bacon sandwich. But BAM the zucchini fries were awesome. Hot, crunchy yet still tasted like fresh zucchini. It’s worth the stop just for the zucchini fries.
Dino's BurgersDino's Burgers

– Dino’s Burgers 2817 N Main St, Los Angeles


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