L.A. Eats: Thai Town

Siam SunsetSiam Sunset
Ok, for the longest ass time I had no idea that there was a Thai Town. Then when I knew there was a Thai Town, I had no idea where it was. But finally I can say, I have visited and eaten in Thai Town. I feel I’m one step closer to being a local?

Though I have to give thanks to Mr.Midtownlunch, Zach Brooks, for helping me checking “eat in Thai Town” off my list. We were set to have a Thai Town lunch crawl and started off at Spicy BBQ on Santa Monica Blvd. along with his friend, who was writing an article about Thai Town. Once I got to Spicy BBQ, I found Zach and his friend, Kaite, outside checking their phones. Apparently Spicy BBQ wasn’t opened so we needed plan b. Plan b was Siam Sunset. It was mentioned on LA Weekly that it was the “Thai-est Thai restaurant in Thai Town”. I have never been to Thailand so I can’t say if this statement is true so I guess I’ll just have to take Mr.Gold’s words for it.

What we were really excited about when we sat down at Siam Sunset was their $3.95 menu and maaaaybe because this restaurant was attached to a hotel. Wouldn’t it be great if room service was from the Thai restaurant?

There were total of 12 items on the $3.95 menu and it was so hard not to just order everything. We ordered 7 items from the special menu and 1 from the regular menu.

For about $6 the duck congee was large enough to feed 2 people. Nice and thick, the warm congee was topped with slices of boneless duck. The congee was nothing special and my fellow diners found it more enjoyable when they added some fish sauce and hot sauce.
Siam Sunset

This was probably my 1st ever bowl of sweetened ginger-y tofu. Yes I don’t tofu but to be polite to my fellow diners I gave it a try. It was okay but I was hooked on the bowl of tiny fried dough. I ate the fried dough with the congee instead.
Siam Sunset

Pork noodle stew was pretty good. Great flavors and the chunks of meat were tender.
Siam Sunset

Fried sticky noodles was a plate of room temperature rice noodles, all stuck together from a sweet intense sauce topped with scallions, bean sprouts, peppers and these crunchy things. Too bad I just thought of this now but I imagine it would’ve paired great with the congee.
Siam Sunset

Rolled rice noodles with pork also came with thin slices of Chinese sausages and a hard-boiled egg. This was a good dish but we agreed that it was way to sweet.
Siam Sunset

Going from a sweet dish to a spicy bowl of noodles. The Tom Yum Pork Noodle Soup was really spicy but not fiery spicy.

I love grilled meat so I was glad we got the bbq pork with sticky rice. Deep the pork into the, you guess it, sweet sauce and eat it with a good bite of sticky rice, this was pretty damn good.

The one dish I didn’t really care too much about was the green curry with thin spaghetti or rice noodles. The green curry was just okay and wasn’t spicy at all.

After lunch I had about 45mins to waste while I wait for my sister to come pick me up in Thai Town. Zach suggested I walk up a block to Hollywood Blvd and check out BKT Thai Desserts and so I did. They have your typical Asian stuff like tapioca drinks, Pocky, cute candies and whatnot. What caught my eyes were these tiny round cake like thing that the lady before me got. So in addition to the Thai coffee I also got the tiny round cakes.

When I got them they were slightly warm which is probably the best temperature to eat any tiny round cakes. I popped the whole thing into my mouth and realized they were actually coconut flavor. These were great! I tend to not like coconut flavor anything but I couldn’t stop eating these. I imagine a little drizzle of condensed milk will make it amazing! Though sad to say that the Thai coffee wasn’t that great.
BKT Thai Desserts

Check out Zach’s review on Midtown Lunch Los Angeles

– Siam Sunset 5265 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
– BKT Thai Desserts 5271 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles


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