Okay, going to take a break from writing about LA and get back to NYC.

Peels! Finally! Yes this has been my to go list ever since I found out where Shuna Fish Lydon was going to work. Besides being a great pastry chef she’s also a great photographer! Check out her blog, Eggbeater.

Last Thursday I found myself in Soho with 3 hours to waste! And it was 7:30 in the morning! What was there to do so early?! Ugh! Then it came to me, I can just walk over to Peels and finally eat there. The walk from Soho to Peels was tiring. So much climbing over snow and trying not to slip/trip.

I took a sit at the communal table and checked out the menu. I got a pot of green tea, biscuit with scrambled egg and a slice of monkey bread topped with mascarpone frosting. It was very hard not to scarf the food down like how I usually eat because I had to much time to waste. I started reading movie reviews on my phone while taking little bites from the foods. It was actually kind of nice, taking my time. The service was great and attentive.

The biscuit was buttery and flaky and the egg was nicely seasoned. Though I wished I had added bacon to it. Not because it needed bacon but well I think any biscuit and egg sandwich needs bacon!

But my most favorite thing at the meal was the slice of monkey bread. I guess to be more specific, the mascarpone frosting. Light and creamy, definitely not your typical frosting.


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