L.A. Eats: Earthen

Continuing to satisfy my crave for dumplings and noodles, My mom and I went to one of the restaurants that was praised for their delicious dumplings. Haven’t been back for over 2 years, I was hoping the quality of the dumplings hasn’t gone down.

Hoping to have missed the lunch rush I got there close to 2pm but there were still a lot of people eating and waiting. All I could do was put my name down and wait. After about 15mins 1 of the 2 top was leaving. Once the table was cleared off we sat down. While waiting for our table we already looked through the menu. Also I knew exactly what I wanted before stepping into the restaurant.

Beef noodle soup.
Beef noodle soup
On the menu it had a tiny red pepper next to it, which means it was suppose to be spicy. And I was hoping for a bowl of spicy beef noodles. What we got instead was a nothing close to spicy nor was it flavorful. The soup looked red like it was spicy. I was hoping that it may have just been because it was so close to their lunch break that they didn’t bother making it good. I know that sounds bad of them but I rather not wished it was their cooking quality. Though the beef chunks were tender and the noodles were pretty good.

These were perfectly crispy on 1 side and the filling was flavorful. How potstickers should be.

Fish dumplings
Fish dumplings
Fish dumplings aren’t as popular as pork and chives or pork and cabbage but if you’re looking for something simple, delicate and smooth give fish dumplings a try. These were perfect.

– Earthen 1639 South Azusa Ave, Los Angeles


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