Hung Ry

Hung Ry
Are you hung-ry for Hung Ry? It’s hard not to make puns of this restaurant name. My friend Hong-An and I did exchange few emails with just sad Hung Ry puns.

Hung Ry, the new hand-pulled noodle place is exactly what I hate about restaurants. Making damn simple Chinese food expensive, like $15 for a bowl of chicken noodles! I can get the same thing plus a plate of fried dumplings times 2 and still pay less than what I had to pay at Hung Ry. BUT the food at Hung Ry was pretty damn delicious.

Last time we tried to go eat at Hung Ry they were full and wouldn’t take any more reservations. So this time we were smart, you see smart..and made reservations earlier. We arrived on time and got our table within minutes.

Hung Ry
We started off our meal with an appetizer, the Beef tongue, black beans, fingerlings, and pickled aromatic broth. For $8 I thought they were robbing us! $8 you get…4 slices of tongue. The texture and flavors were great though and we ended up picking the black beans. We both agreed that it would’ve been nice for them to give us something to mop off the broth, it was fantastic!

Hung Ry
I got the Black feather chicken breast, leg, egg, mixed winter greens with thick noodles. It didn’t look like it but there was a lot of noodles hiding beneath those pieces of chicken and greens. The pieces of chicken were great though I wasn’t sure why they picked the black feather chicken and not a regular chicken. I couldn’t see nor taste the difference. I did dunk the chicken into the tiny bowl of fermented bean sauce and housemade spicy sauce, it was good.

Noodles. These were mighty good. Soft yet had a nice chewiness to it. The waitress said these were thick, I’m curious how their thin noodles are. And of course the broth, oh the broth, it was fantastic! Really really rich flavors and tasted clean. I drank the whole bowl clean. Yep.

I know I know, I complained about the price but it’s hard to deny that these weren’t soooorta worth it. Think next time I’ll skip the beef tongue and order another starter.

Hung Ry 55 Bond St, NYC


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