Van Horn

Van Horn
It is getting quite dangerous for my belly and my wallet. My wallet is slimming while my belly is filling. Brucie, which I love, is just right around the corner from my apartment. Then recently 61 Local, a damn damn good bar that I’ve already been to 3 times, opened on Bergen St and serves only beers from Brooklyn. Now Van Horn, a tasty North Carolina style sandwich shop, opened about 2 weeks ago right across from Brucie. It’s like the deadly trio.

So on the menu at Van Horn, there’s a fried chicken sandwich, fried fish sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, a bacon lettuce cheese sandwich and sides like collard greens, mac n’ cheese, hush puppies. The 1st time that I went to Van Horn, after drinking at 61 Local, I got the chicken sandwich. A big piece of fried chicken breast, topped with some slaw served on a nice squishy bun and pickle on the side. Now I’m not a fan of chicken breast just because it’s usually dry but this sandwich was great! After half way into the sandwich it got a little messy. But the piece of chicken was awesome and perfectly fried.

The 2nd time I went, I got the fried fish sandwich.

Van Horn
The fish sandwich was my original choice the 1st time I went to Van Horn but they ran out. This time I went for lunch so HOPEFULLY their fish wouldn’t run out so quickly.
Fried fish sandwichHush puppies
Their fish sandwich came with a nicely dressed salad. The fish was oh so good. Nicely fried, crunchy edge topped with a slaw. The bread was the same squishy bread used in the chicken sandwich. I also ordered a side of hush puppies that came with a honey butter. Hhhmm hhmm good. And a little bit of honey butter on the sandwich…WOW! I have heard that their BLP, bacon lettuce pimento cheese sandwich, is excellent also.

Van Horn 231 Court Street, Brooklyn


2 thoughts on “Van Horn

  1. I’ve been meaning to check out Van Horn. Now I’m pretty set on doing so in the next week or so. And if you haven’t wandered a little farther down Court street in recent months, I highly recommend the sandwiches at the relatively new Court Street Grocers. Everything I’ve had there has been killer.

    Love your site. Keep doin what you do.


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