L.A. Eats: The Hat

The Hat
The Hat is one of those places that everybody in LA has already been and is super well known. Well I haven’t been. Nope, 24 plus years as an Angelino I haven’t never been to 1. I did think about going once.

Lucky me when I found out there was 1 right near my parents’ place and lucky for them (The Hat people), the sandwich place that I wanted to go was closed so it seemed like the perfect time to check out The Hat.

The HatThe Hat
I never really paid any attention to The Hat and wasn’t tooooo sure what they’re famous for. I think it’s their pastrami sandwich. Walking into The Hat I noticed a lot of people sharing a big thing of Wet Fries, fries topped with gravy. Even though the place was packed it didn’t take long for me to order, get my food and leave.

Instead of their WORLD FAMOUS PASTRAMI, I went for the roast beef sandwich with gravy on the side and fries. Dude, as I’m writing this I’m thinking about the gravy. Always get gravy on the side so you can dip fries in it. The fries were pretty good, thick cut and they do that thing like at 5 Guys. They will give you a cup of fries and place it in a bag with more fries in it.

Roast beef
As for the roast beef sandwich, it was pretty good. Maybe I should’ve gotten their WORLD FAMOUS PASTRAMI? I was hoping the sandwich would be a little bigger but after eating everything I was pretty full the rest of the day. Next time pastrami sandwich and wet fries.

The Hat, multiple locations in LA


2 thoughts on “L.A. Eats: The Hat

  1. Out of towners still insist on visiting The Hat and Tommy’s Burgers. I don’t know why. I don’t get it and I live 3 blocks away from one (The Hat). The pastrami is greasy and grizzled; surely the Jews had something else in mind.


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