Court Street Grocers

Court St Grocers
There’s definitely no lack of new places poppin up on Court St in Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens aka BoCoCa. What’s also great is that these new places opening up are actually quite good! Just a few months ago, Court Street Grocers opened its doors on well…Court St near the Smith and 9th stop. Recently I had 2 of my friends and a commenter on this blog telling me how great their sandwiches are. So I took a walk down to Court St Grocers and see what’s so great about this place.

Like it’s name, this is a grocery store where you can buy eh stuff. Yeah stuff. Stuff like…meat, pasta, cheese, flour…stuff. If you walk back to the end of the store you will come upon the sandwich counter. There you have a choice of 10 different sandwiches from grilled cheese to meatloaf to reuben to turkey…

I got the Media Noche – Pork Shoulder, Edward’s Country Ham, Comte, Pickles, Mustard, Brioche. It sounded pretty epic. My friend did warn me that their sandwiches are preeetty expensive and she was right. For $9.80 I was handed a tiny wrapped, nicely wrapped with strings, package (though I did just get a meh burger in Times Square for about the same price)

I got home and unwrapped the butcher paper to find a delicate and delicious looking porky sandwich. Look at the ham! Look at…eh forget it, I’m gonna take a bite now.
Media Noche
Hmmmm you know sometimes when a sandwich has so much stuff in it, it’s hard to distinguish the separate ingredients? Well this was the total opposite. I was able to taste the mustard, the pork shoulder and especially the ham. This ham was perfectly salty to let you know it’s there. As for the pork shoulder, a tad bit dry, really gave the sandwich the extra weight, the thing that makes you think you’re not eating a weak sandwich. It was mighty delicious.
Media Noche
It was worth the walk down to Carroll Gardens but the price maybe keeping me away from this place. Or else I probably try all the sandwiches.

Court Street Grocers 485 Court St, Carroll Gardens


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