Carnitas Cemitas

Just by looking at images of cemitas I couldn’t tell what was the difference between a cemita and a torta. They sort of look similar but according to Wikipedia, cemitas are served in a sesame bun and usually with “sliced avocado, meat, white cheese, onions and red sauce (salsa roja).”

There needs to be more places like Fast and Fresh in my neighborhood! For $6 I got the carnitas cemitas. This was delicious and filling! Don’t think I could’ve eaten a 2nd one but I sure wanted to.

– Fast and Fresh Burrito Deli 84 Hoyt St, Boerum Hill Brooklyn


2 thoughts on “Carnitas Cemitas

  1. fast and fresh! their breakfast tortas are awesome. ask them for extra salsa and jalapenos (if you ask extra-nicely, they’ll fry up the jalapenos into the egg mixture.)


  2. you know where there are some awesome tortas? 7th ave. b/w 10th and 11th street – peppermill deli. go inside, there are 6 diff. kinds of mexican sandwiches (how they advertise them). they are DELICIOUS. the place is run by chinese people but the sandwich guy is usually mexican. awesome. also, if you come up to our part of the hood you have a million cemita/torta places to choose from (above 15th street on 4th and 5th ave!


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