Sigmund Pretzels

Sigmund Pretzelshop
Back in December I had declared my love for Sigmund Pretzelshop in the East Village. Well I have never actually been to the shop in the East Village until last week. Somehow Howard and I wandered from a sandwich shop near City Hall to Spot in the East Village then to The Dumpling Man then to finally Sigmund.
It was late afternoon when we got there and most of the pretzels were sold out except for couple different flavors. I ended getting the garlic and parsley with a honey and mustard dip that was more honey than mustard. For $3 the mini pretzel made for a great afternoon snack (even though we’ve been eating non-stop most of the day), happy! The pretzel (warm from being in the toaster oven for couple minutes) was soft and perfectly garlicky. Though next time I’ll go with just the mustard dip.

Sigmund Pretzelshop 29 Ave B, Manhattan


3 thoughts on “Sigmund Pretzels

  1. It seems like street foods are all ‘revamped’ into high end good eats. With the tacos, fusion bahn mi, ramen (really poor men’s Japanese noodles), NYers sure can find ways to make $$. 🙂


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