Bill’s Bar And Burger

Bill's Bar & Burger
Back in 2009, A Hamburger Today (Serious Eats) broke the news of a new burger place opening up in the Chelsea/Meatpacking district, I was delighted. And after reading Adam’s review where he basically said the burgers at Bill’s were on the same level of tastiness as Shake Shack. Damn! Those are some strong words and I gotta try it.

Okkkk so fast forward to March 2011. Yeah took me this long but I finally made it. I got the Classic and a side of disco fries. I was surprised to see how tiny the burger was considering it was $6.50. As for the taste, it did taste like I was eating a shack burger but what also makes a shack burger good is the use of potato buns.

Though the disco fries were fantastic. Cheesy..eehh gravy-y.

Bill’s Bar and Burger 22 9th Ave at W 13th St & 16 W 51st St at 5th Ave


2 thoughts on “Bill’s Bar And Burger

  1. A burger that overflows from the bun? Nice! But it’s sad to hear that the burger was on the small side.

    Shake Shack is coming to D.C. I guess I should be excited about this, eh?

    By the way – your photos are getting awesomer and awesomer! Great light in this one.


    1. Well I don’t want to overhype Shake Shack but…it is pretty darn good.

      Thanks! It was mostly the food, the colors, the light and the table cloth. I just snapped what was in front of me.


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