Lunch At Kong Kee Food Corp

Beef brisket w/ silver needle noodles

Kong Kee Food Corp, the place on the corner of Bowery and Grand St, where they sell bags of tofu and noodles outside on the street. I’ve bought a bag of their rice noodles before and it was delicious. But I have never walked inside and try any of their food before. Everytime I walk by, I see a pretty packed house with many people with their heads down either slurping noodles or eating their rice boxes. “One day” I always tell myself.

Finally that one day has come! I walked in to a counter full of noodles and tofu and towards the left side was a steamed table. Above was the menu with Chinese and English. I asked for a beef brisket noodle and the lady said they were out of it. Then she offered me something from the steamed table. I said sure give me whatever. So she took out a huge container and started to scoop up rice noodles then topped with off with briskets and turnips. I grabbed a seat by the windows, facing Bowery St. For $3.50 this was a lot of food and super delicious. The briskets weren’t super tender but they were alright. What was delicious were the silky silver needle noodles. Like oh wow! They were a little too soft for being sitting in the soup for too long but wow so good. And mixed in with the noodles were little cubes of spam and shredded pickled cabbage.

I will definitely go back to try their other noodles and maybe hopefully go earlier than 2pm.

– Kong Kee 240 Grand St., corner of Grand St. and Bowery St.


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