The Bee Sting Pizza From Roberta’s

Bee Sting pizza
I’m a HUGE fan of Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick. Haven’t had anything that weren’t good. On Friday I was at the Mad. Sq. Eats, a month long pop-up food market next to Madison Sq Park, for Serious Eats NY. This market started back in 2009 and everytime Roberta’s would be there with their mobile pizza oven. Since I know I can just go to Bushwick for their pizza, I have never tried it at the pop-up market until this past Friday. I got the Bee Sting (pepperoni, mozzarella, chili flakes and honey) and it was tasty. Sweet and spicy. Though for $9 for a personal size, I was still hungry afterwards.

Then on Saturday, I was lucky enough to get invited to a private party AT Roberta’s by Foodspotting where we ate ramps and sausage pizza and wagyu beef brisket. Good times.

Mad. Sq. Eats Worth Square next to Madison Square Park, runs from now till 6/3 seven days a week 11 to 9pm

Roberta’s Pizza 261 Moore St, Bushwick


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