The Brooklyn Star

Bacon & jalapeno corn bread
I’m quite bad about keeping up with restaurants in NYC. I mean they come and go so quickly, sometimes I just don’t bother. But there are few places that are still on my to eat list after few years. The Brooklyn Star, after reading SE’s first review, quickly made it to my to eat list but sadly it closed due to a fire before I got the chance to try it (I should really not waste anytime and just get my ass to the restaurants I’ve been wanting to go before they go bye bye, which you and me can never tell when).

So of course you know what I did once I found out The Brooklyn Star was dine there? Nope! I went and took photos for SENY aaannnnddd then after about 3weeks I finally FINALLY ate there. So what did I think?

Incredibly good! I went with my friend Hong-An, we met up around 6:15. Earlier that day we were debating about what to order since everything sounded so good, luckily we had help from The Brooklyn Star itself on Twitter so deciding what to eat was easier.

We only ordered 3 small dishes. At first I thought well it’s only 3 dishes we will probably need to order more. Oh heck was I wrong. Who knew eating corn bread with bacon and jalapeno, fried pig tails with hushpuppies and fried sweetbreads could be so filling (we DID also walk over to Best Pizza and got half order of garlic knots afterwards.)

The corn bread, came in a tiny skillet and a bottle of spicy honey, was good. A drizzled of the spicy honey gave the corn bread sweetness and extra spiciness (it already had a kick from the jalapenos) and actually went very well with the pig tails.

It was my first time having pig tails and wasn’t sure what to expect. The meat was tender with parts being crispy aaahhh yeah! Pig tails have more meat than I expected.
Fried pig tails with hushpuppies

The fried sweetbreads with fried hominy came with a thing of ramp butter (great for dunking that pig tail in) was delicious. It reminded me of fried oysters. Crunchy exterior with a delicate inside.
Fried sweetbreads

I’m glad I finally got the chance to try The Brooklyn Star and really super looking forward to going back and trying the mac and cheese and the chicken fried steak.

The Brooklyn Star 593 Lorimer St


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