Bacon Marmalade

Bacon marmalade
Bacon Marmalade. Someone should write a song about Bacon Marmalade.

Bacon Marmalade was created by Chef Ross Hutchison, you can check out his story on Food Curated. I bought a jar over at Eastern District and began to think of different ways to use this tiny golden jar of porkiness. Similar to my posts about Pad Thai sauce, curry sauce and pork butt, I wanted to use the bacon marmalade in different dishes, different ways of cooking it and maybe use it in some weird way (like whipped cream).

Beer cheese
Beer cheese
Ah yes beer cheese with bacon marmalade. I think I combined a cup of shredded sharp cheddar with about a tablespoon of bacon marmalade. First I put the shredded cheese into the food processor and let it go. As the cheese gets turned into little bits, I slowly poured a quarter cup of beer. Sometimes you don’t need the whole quarter cup but the consistency of the beer cheese is really up to you. When the beer cheese was at a consistency that I liked, I add in the bacon marmalade and seasoned it then give the food processor a few spin again. When it was done I tasted it on a cracker to see if it was okay. Then I put the beer cheese into jars and let it chill for few hours or over night.

Pasta with bacon marmalade cream sauce

This is pretty straightforward and hopefully you know how to cook pasta. For this dish I cooked the shredded Brussels sprouts first, when it was done I set it aside. In a pan I added a tablespoon of bacon marmalade. When it started to sizzle a little I added enough heavy cream to coat the pan. On low heat I stirred the bacon marmalade into the cream and seasoned it. Depending on the size of your pan (mine is 9inch) and how many people you’re cooking for, you will probably need to adjust the amount of bacon marmalade and cream. When the cream started to simmer a little, I added the cooked pasta and mixed it. Plated it and topped it off with the Brussels sprouts.

This is pretty straightforward too. Some bacon marmalade, some mayo, mix. Add it to your favorite sandwich.

Whipped cream

Yes we eat desserts with bacon in it, so why not go one step further? In a pot I added a cup of heavy cream and couple tablespoons of bacon marmalade. Let it cooked on low heat, low and slow. I stirred it constantly to incorporate the bacon into the cream. When the cream started to simmer, I let it cooked for couple more minutes. Poured the cream into a container and let it cool completely before putting it in the fridge. Then when it was time to make the whipped cream, I poured the cream into an already chilled bowl and used a hand blender to whip it. Half way through I added sugar to sweeten it. Then I whipped it some more. I found that the amount of cream I had first used wasn’t enough and for some reason it quickly became butter like (maybe it was something in the bacon marmalade?) So I added more heavy cream to smooth it out. (May need to redo this to find the perfect amount of cream to use.) When it was done I added to some brownies I had bought at Trader Joe’s. It was….interesting. Creamy, sweet, baconey.

Pastry stuffed with Brussels sprouts and bacon marmalade

So from the pasta dish, I had some Brussels sprouts leftover and decided to turn it into a stuffing. I cooked the Brussels sprouts with the bacon marmalade in a pan and seasoned it. I bought ready to roll dough (sorry was lazy) and started to unsuccessfully make them into little buns. I baked the buns till golden. These were pretty good, great snacks! Suggest dipping these in the bacon marmalade mayo.

Bacon marmalade meatloaf burger

Meatloaf burger
Meatloaf burgerMeatloaf burger
Oh yeah. I’ve been obsessed with making meatloaf lately, ever since I stopped by The Brooklyn Star and saw them making meatloaf. Of course my meatloaf is no where near the awesomeness of theirs. Heck I don’t even add bread crumbs into mine because I’m too lazy to go buy bread crumbs or I eat my loaf of bread way to fast to have any around. Anyways. In a pan on medium heat, I added couple tablespoons of bacon marmalade and a handful of frozen mixed veggies. Let that cooked and let the veggies soak up all the bacon juices. Once the veggies looked done, I let it cool a bit before adding them to half a pound of ground beef. I added salt and pepper then mixed the whole thing. Then I cracked one egg into it and mixed it again. Right now you could cook a little piece to see if it’s good or not. With my hands I formed four meatballs. In the same pan I cooked the veggies in, I added a little oil and set it on top of high heat. When the pan got real hot I place a meatball and let it cooked. I “tried” to do the smashed technique where I smashed the meatball flat on the pan and let it cooked for a bit. Then I flipped it and cooked the other side.

Please excuse my burger technique, if you can call it that, and how ugly the patty looks. But hey it was pretty darn good, with bits of bacon and the mixed veggies. And yes there was mayo on the toasted bread.

Also I realized that after eating these dishes, I needed to put more bacon marmalade like maybe another half or whole tablespoon. But of course you can never have too much bacon marmalade.


7 thoughts on “Bacon Marmalade

  1. @Nicolas, that’s like drinking out of a milk carton, eating ice-cream out of the container, or dipping your finger into a tub of peanut butter. So no. Proceed to dig into the marmalade. šŸ™‚


  2. ok I will admit I am a little behind when it comes to tasting bacon marmalade but now that I have seen many recipes for this amazing condiment I can’t find it. I found a website that “was”selling the marmalade in Brooklyn but read further and they now have moved on, actually to Spain! Help where else can I find this product to try?


    1. @Diane – yeah, now that they’ve moved to spain there are only a few places that have it, if any. paulie gee’s had it on one of their pizzas for a while, you might want to see if they have any left.


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