Frozen Yogurt at Culture

So I’d been hearing a lot of great things about Culture, the new yogurt place on 5th Avenue here in Park Slope. They make all of their yogurt in-house, and serve both fresh and frozen yogurt. On a recent late spring day I stopped in to check it out for myself. I got the frozen yogurt, plain, with what they call Vermont Maple topping. The topping is maple syrup, cooked down with chopped nuts so that it’s thick and sweet, and you get your choice of fruit (I chose banana). And I was blown away by how good it all was. The frozen yogurt actually tastes like yogurt, which I think is an incredible feat. At Culture they offer the plain frozen yogurt as well as a daily special flavor. On a subsequent visit I got the special flavor, which that day was mango. I didn’t get a topping that time, so I was able to enjoy the wonderful flavor all on its own. I haven’t tried the fresh yogurt yet, but I’m looking forward to it. They’ve got tons of interesting toppings and mix-ins for that fresh yogurt as well.

About a week after my second visit, my mom called me to ask me if I’d heard of this new yogurt shop in my neighborhood. It turns out that the owner of Culture is the daughter of my mom’s neighbor. Small world!

Culture — 331 5th Ave, Brooklyn


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