Dough Lives Up to the Hype

I’d been hearing wonderful things about Dough, a new donut place out in Bed Stuy, but I put off visiting for a while. I wasn’t sure it was worth the trip, and thinking that something so over-hyped probably wouldn’t live up to the acclaim. After all, I have mixed feelings about Doughnut Plant, NYC’s other premiere donut shop. I finally made the trip about a month ago, and OMG the donuts were amazing. I got two ($2 each): the blood orange and the toasted coconut. The toppings themselves weren’t anything so special, although the sweet acidity of the orange icing was kind of unusual. It’s the donuts themselves that are the stars: Dough makes yeast donuts, which manage to be light and airy and moist and greasy all at the same time. They’re like Krispy Kreme donuts on crack. I’ve since gotten their donut holes while at Smorgasburg, which were rolled in cinnamon sugar and were as delicious as their larger siblings. So now I can say with confidence that Dough is worth the trip.

Dough — 305 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn

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