B&B Empire Bistro


Mile End over in Boerum Hill has been offering Montreal bagels, straight from Montreal, for few years now. What you do is, you order from them by Thursday and they have some guy deliver the bagels from Montreal to their store. I order a dozen last March just to see what’s the big deal about them. I found them to be dense, crumbly and bland. Maybe I’m just used to the taste of American bagels…hhmmmm especially when toasted.

So I was curious when I saw a sign advertising Montreal style bagels made in-house in front of an empty store. Finally after almost half a year, B&B Empire Bistro opens and I had to give Montreal style bagels a try again. For $3.50 I got a sesame bagel (toasted) with scallion cream cheese. After eating this bagel, I can finally conclude that Montreal bagel is not for me. Even though the bagel from B&B was less dense than St-Viateur bagels (the ones Mile End sells) it just had no taste. But their scallion cream cheese kicked ass! Besides bagels, they do have breakfast and sandwiches too.

B&B Empire Bistro 200 Clinton St, Brooklyn


One thought on “B&B Empire Bistro

  1. I totally agree on the Montreal bagel—flavorless!—although I got hate for it when I declared on my blog that I didn’t think they were good. It must be a taste thing.


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