Sweet Treats at the Highline Phase 2

The Highline Park recently opened Phase 2, which expands the park from W 20th St up to W 30th St. Much has been made of the little outdoor food park, the Lot on Tap, at the north end of the park near the semi-whimsical Rainbow City, but there are some sweet treats to be had as well. Last week, when we had some of the hottest days of the year, I took a walk north on the Highline and enjoyed a couple of these frozen snacks.

Walking north on the Highline from the W 23rd St entrance, you will soon come across a stand operated by La Newyorkina, my favorite artisan popsicle stand. They were sold out of most of the flavors, but I was happy with the one they had left: the mango & chile paleta. It was very tasty, full of fresh fruit flavor, but not as spicy as I would have liked.

At the north end is the Lot on Tap, as I mentioned, but next to the Rainbow City there were a couple of food trucks: Kelvin Slush and Coolhaus NY. I got olive oil gelato on a brioche cookie from Coolhaus. It was delicious (but it didn’t taste anything like olive oil), though when I bit into it about half of the ice cream squeezed out around the edges of the sandwich. Both times I’ve gotten ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus this has happened; Donny says that the sandwiches in LA don’t do this. Why does it happen here?


2 thoughts on “Sweet Treats at the Highline Phase 2

  1. Jacque Torres at the Rockfeller Center just released their ice-cream sandwich.

    Your Coolhaus sandwich looked smaller than the promotional freebie I received a few weeks ago.

    Otto has an ice-cream cart out too, if you care for true olive oil gelato. 🙂


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