My Failed Attempt At Getting Filipino Food At Philly Pinoy

Last week I got super excited when I read on The Awl about Philly Pinoy in Red Hook, a hole in the wall place that serves as a restaurant and grocery store for everything Filipino. Filipino food is probably the one cuisine I don’t know much about or eat enough of.

And having a weekday off lets me go to Red Hook and see if I could score some tasty Filipino food without the crowds that will hopefully start showing up at this place because he needs you, you food lovers!

At around 12:30p today I walked into a grocery store with lots of instant noodles but no delicious smelling food. I found the owner, Benjamin, outside reading the article on The Awl and asked him where’s the food?! He explained to me. And so here’s the deal. If you want Filipino food he only serves it when there’s a cruise in town WHICH you can check the schedule here (I found it on this site). On other days he serves hot dogs, burgers and Indian food!

This coming Wednesday, 6/22, he will have Filipino food! And of course the careless ole me didn’t ask the MOST important question. Will there be Filipino food for dinner as well? Guess I’ll just have to find out the hard way again.

– Philly Pinoy Pioneer St and Van Brunt, Red Hook


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