Dinner At Mile End

Mile End
It took me about a year to finally get myself back to Mile End for a meal. Last time I had breakfast and this time it was a proper dinner with beer and lamb tongue. It’s amazing how close I live to this place and I rarely stop here for food. After Anh and I cleaned off most of the plates, I can tell you that the meal was great! Sit at the counter if you can and see the chefs cook your meal and have them hand you the dishes like at sushi bars.

Pea leaf kreplach with creamy onions, mint, and chili
Pea leaf kreplach
Like tiny fried wontons with pea leaves. This was delicious but the red stuff (pretty sure it was chili) was not spicy at all. Could’ve eaten 6 more of these things.

Asparagus with 8 hour egg and challah croutons
Asparagus with 8hr egg
Ah nothing much to say here except that this was so good! Perfectly cooked asparagus and anything with eggs is just better.

Lamb’s tongue with onion raisin marmalade, pumpernickel, and grated horseradish
Lamb tongue
Even though I wanted a little bit more kick from the horseradish this was very good. The lamb tongue (whole and sliced in half) was cooked to just perfectly tender and surprisingly not too lamby.

Cured and smoked beef brisket served with rye and mustard
Smoked brisket
Ah….this was a giant plate of smoked brisket which even after we attacked it there was leftover. Sorry I haven’t been to Katz or any other places that does smoked brisket this way so I had nothing to compare it with. The Mile End version was pretty good but it was flaky and sort of crumbled easily under the fork.

But overall it was a great meal and of course it helped with a Full Session beer and good company.

Mile End 97A Hoyt Street Brooklyn


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