Lonestar Taco, A Taco Preview Party

Lone Star Taco
This past Saturday (perfect weather too!) our friends Wayne and Tracie previewed their taco menu for their hope-to-soon-open Tex-Mex taco place, Lonestar Taco. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then hanging out with friends, eating tacos and drinking horchata?

Lone Star Taco
This was the menu for that day and a list of vendors who had helped supplied ingredients that day. It’s always nice to know where the ingredients came from and also it’s a way of saying “Thanks!” to them.

Lone Star Taco
The team making super awesome tacos for all of us! That day I, Donny, ate 4 tacos carne asada, carnitas, chorizo & egg and potato & egg with the carnitas (topped with homemade pickled jalapenos) being my favorite and the carne asada a close 2nd. With their homemade masa and flour tortillas, everything was so good.

Lonestar Taco

Howard: I sampled three different tacos. The veggie was full of flavorful peppers, beans, and best of all, cubes of browned potatoes. The veggie and egg was also good, and the bean and cheese (served on a tasty corn tortilla) was delicious. I topped all of them with fresh pico de gallo, and the veggie and egg matched well with the spicy, neon orange habanero sauce.

Lone Star Taco
And while waiting for the tacos, I ate loads of tortilla chips topped with their jalapenos, salsa verde and salsa roja. Yum!

Lone Star Taco
Tortillas on the grill!

Lone Star Taco
Drinks station, with cucumber lemonade, horchata, beers, fresh sodas and iced coffee.

Lone Star Taco
We absolutely can’t wait till Tracie and Wayne start Lonestar Taco officially. We wish them luck and we wish US luck to hopefully get to eat those damn tasty tacos soon!

Lone Star Taco on Twitter


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