Turkish Delight at the London Candy Co.

It’s funny how much the books I read as a kid continue to have an influence on me. When I was younger I was fascinated by Turkish Delight, something I’d never eaten but had read about in The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. In the book, the White Witch is able to bribe Edmund with Turkish Delight, for which he betrays his family. When I was in Turkey I made it a point to go to the shop that claims to be the original Turkish Delight place. So when I wandered into the London Candy Co., the shop on the Upper East Side that imports British candy, and saw that they were making cakes based on candies, I knew I had to try the Turkish Delight. For $4 it wasn’t very big, and it wasn’t all that great — a kind of sour red jelly was sandwiched between two pieces of dry cake. Still, the shop is filled with whimsically named snacks that reminded me of another one of my favorite books: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Where else are you going to find Curlywurly Bars and Baked Wotsists?

The London Candy Co. — 1442 Lexington Ave


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