Margherita at 900 Degrees

Sometimes people ask me about different styles of pizza. Those people should stop by 900 Degrees, a new pizza place offering five different types — Neapolitan, Pizza Romana, Tomato Pies, Sicilian, and what they call Pizza Americana. I, of course, opted for the Margherita from the Neapolitan portion of the menu, which is my benchmark for Neapolitan-style pizza. At 900 Degrees they only make 73 of them a day. I ate there with my friends Jess & Garrett, who rightly asked, “Why 73?” The crust was wonderful — nicely charred, well seasoned, slightly chewy — and the mozzarella very creamy and fresh. I was not a huge fan of the sauce, however. Over on Slice they called the sauce “unbelievably bright,” but I found it too sweet and almost too fresh tasting, as if it hadn’t been cooked enough in the oven. It’s a good pie, no question about it, but it’s no competition for places like Roberta’s.

900 Degrees — 29 7th Avenue South

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