Mee Sum Cafe

Mee Sum Cafe
Whenever I’m in Chinatown and walk by Mee Sum Cafe, I always tell myself “one of these days.” But they close rather early so I have never been able to go. Also I have never had the feeling of rushing to try this place. Even after having ate lunch there, Mee Sum Cafe isn’t a place that you would consciously decide to go. The food was okay, the decor a bit old timey and the ladies behind the counter weren’t the most happy bunch. But you know what? I kind of like it just the way it is.

Mee Sum CafeMee Sum Cafe
Walking into Mee Sum reminded me of Mei Li Wah (the place famous for their pork buns) before the renovations. I grabbed a seat at the counter and realized I was the youngest person eating there. Most of the diners were pretty friendly with the workers but if you’re a newcomer and expect good service and attitude, you will be greatly disappointed. The entire time I was there, the ladies behind the counter had the faces of “I just don’t give a fuck about you.” Though, they may look apathetic but if you act efficiently and not waste their time, everything will be fine. Also LOOK! That’s my mug of iced water. Don’t think I ever been in a restaurant where they serve you water with a mug.

Mee Sum Cafe
Acting efficiently, when the lady asked me what I wanted to eat, without thinking…I ordered a wonton and brisket noodles (because the was the 1st thing I saw on the menu that was taped near the ceiling). While waiting for my bowl of noodles, I had the time to check the place out. They had a steamed cabinet with dim sum and few ready made rice dishes. I don’t read Chinese except for few words so I don’t know what else was on the menu (I did spot a ham hock over rice dish and scrambled eggs and shrimp over rice).

The bowl of wonton and brisket noodles looked pretty damn good actually. The bowl looked small but it was filled with wontons and briskets and tendons and bunch of lettuce. I’m 90% sure the noodles they served were instant, the meat was a little tough and the wontons looked a bit old and were falling apart. Haha…doesn’t sound that good huh? BUT the tendons were ooohhhh soooo tender and soft and delicious. The soup, surprisingly, was quite good as well.

– Mee Sum Cafe 26 Pell St, Manhattan


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