Glorious Seafood At Urubamba

Jalea Mixta

8 years in NYC and only my 3rd trip to Jackson Heights. There’s just no good/easy way to get to Jackson Heights from Brooklyn. Though that’s probably what is keeping Jackson Heights such a great food destination. In some ways it doesn’t feel like we’re in New York.

My friend had told me about Urubamba, a Peruvian restaurant, many times and how she and her friends would order these platters of seafood, fried and ceviche. So when we decided to meet up in Jackson Heights, I wanted to check this place out.

Flipping through the menu was tough, I mean I wanted to eat everything. Since it was my first time there, we decided to go with what my friend knew would be good, which were her usuals jalea mixta and ceviche.


The plate of ceviche was wonderful. It had calamari, fish and shrimp and served with yuca and hominy. The seafood tasted very fresh and good tartness.

Then on the way opposite end, we ordered a mixed fried seafood that had calamari and fish served with fried yuca. I was surprised they gave us so many pieces of lime, usually restaurants just give you couple wedges. Tiny things that matter, eh? Oh, this dish was good. Perfectly fried, crunchy, and spicy if you dip them in the spicy sauce. The sliced onions were great with the fried seafood. Yuca is more starchy than potatoes but I love them when they’re fried up.

2 people, 2 giant plate of seafood, cleaned it and we were damn proud of it.

– Urubamba 86-20 37th Ave Jackson Heights, Queens (corner of 37th Ave & 86th St)


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